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Dec 6, 2012 6:00am EST
appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. still, this many, many questions that the school community would like to have answered. it was administrators at the school who found the gun in the student's locker. now, investigators say there was an ammunition magazine in the weapon but they didn't release any other details about what led school officials to the locker. a letter edmonton mailed to parents by the school principal says there will be severe consequences for the infraction. it also refers to more than one student involved saying, quote, the suspects involved have been identified and questioned. now, parents were notified using fairfax county school system's e-mail alerts but it doesn't sound like students were told at the school until they got home. many did hear it new rumor and some parents felt the school did take appropriate action. >> actually, i think i was very relieved that they dealt with it as well as they did. it sounds like it was caught quickly and the situation was dealt with and the kids were kept safe. so i think it is a pretty safe school. >> report
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am EST
this action, the storm's energy understanding will stay to the west. as it stays to the west, it will push the warmer air in the washington area. we are not talking about a major storm system. this particular storm doesn't have any real moisture to tap into. so, precipitation totals should be fairly light. we will be cloudy. by 1:00, 2:00 today we will see showers move in. at the onset, particularly west and north of the city, you saw those cold temperatures early this morning, you will be slow to warm up. could you see a mix, a wintry mix of a few snowflakes and sleet out there as the whole system moves through. be ready for that possibility. we are not expecting travel difficulties today. this will be a quick mover. it should be out of here by early evening. cloudy skies, a little sleet changing to showers. winds north and west. a cool afternoon. early showers then becoming cold overnight as we clear out. the active seven-day forecast. christmas day looks fantastic. mid- to upper-40s with sunshine. wednesday we cloud up again. better chance of a mix to rain. we could get a wintry mi
Dec 28, 2012 6:00am EST
street was hilarious. action, the raid. superhero movies, avehiclers, dark knight rises. it was nowhere near the dark knight. i thought the avengers was a better movie than the dark knight rises. it haa great year for films. december alone had some of the best film. s to come out in 2012. >> let's he talk about some of the bad ones that didn't make your cut. let's go with some of those first. >> starting off is the five- year engagement. what a horrible movie. look how bored they look on the poster. that was me in the movie theater. that is me in the movie theater. i told them not to use my picture. i didn't care about these pictures. it was unnecessarily depressing. >>> i don't understand how this movie was even made. i found it to be boring. i didn't care about what happened to the caches at the end. that is my number three worst movie of the year. >> what is next? >> it is only the last five minutes of savages. so the first two hours and four minutes, teasent film. decent film. very well down by oliver stone. he ruins the entire film with the worst ending i have ever seen. it ends fi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3